Retrofitting of Your Current Golf Clubs

Most people play golf "off the rack".  In other words, they buy a set of clubs from a retailer, put them in a bag and go play golf.  When you buy a set of clubs from a retailer in their "standard" (there is no such thing as "standard" when it comes to golf clubs), you are essentially buying a "one size fits all" set of golf clubs.  Would you purchase a pair of "one size fits all" pants and expect them to fit you comfortably?

Loft and Lie 1.jpgNo!

More than likely, there is nothing wrong with a set of clubs bought off the rack, except they aren't tailored for YOUR height, grip size, swing speed, swing path and playing ability.

At Swing By Design, we can function just like the your favorite tailor.  We can retrofit your clubs to fit your height, grip size, swing speed, swing path and playing ability so your clubs fit you as comfortably (and functionally) as possible.

How do we retrofit your golf clubs?

There are a number of elements involved in retrofitting (or refitting) a set of golf clubs.  It is very important for you to communicate to us your current tendencies and your future goals as a golfer.

Often times, you will be amazed at the results you will gain from a loft and lie check and adjustment.

Length Measuring 2.jpgEvery golfer is unique, therefore our evaluation process will result in a unique plan for each golfer.  But, for the purpose of demonstration, we will review a "typical" retrofitting scenario.

Optimally, we would like to check your swing and it's characteristics utilizing our Zelocity PureLaunch Pro in order to determine your swing speed, swing path, etc.  This will help us in determining the correct shaft(s) for you.  If you are happy with the shafts you currently have, we can move on to checking to make sure they are the proper length (Fig. 1).

Once we have determined the proper length of the shaft, we need to take your hand measurements and discuss your grip size.  We highly recommend keeping a close eye on your grips, as a worn our grip can cause quite a bit of frustration for a golfer.  We will work with you to make sure your grip size is optimal for your hand size and swing tendencies.

*For proper Putter fitting see Putter Performance Fitting.

Once we know you have proper length shafts and the size grips you want, we need to check your loft and lies for your irons and putter.  The loft of a club ultimately helps determine the distance that you hit it.  In order to play with distance control, it is paramount to have your clubs' lofts properly spaced.  As we mentioned earlier, every golfer is unique and it does not matter how far you hit your clubs in comparison with how far other golfers hit their clubs, but it is very important to know how far you hit each of your clubs in comparison with your other clubs.

Either through communication or using a launch monitor, we can look at the manufacturer's specifications for your clubs' loft and lies and then make adjustments to fit YOUR game.

At Swing By Design, we are Certified by Mitchell Golf in Club Performance Fitting.  We also use the Mitchell Golf STEELCLUB® Signature Angle Machine.

According to Mitchell Golf, the STEELCLUB® Technology has been #1 on Tour Worldwide for 20 consecutive years. The STEELCLUB® Signature Angle Machine is the latest evolution of the world’s best bending machine. It uses Dual Precision Gauges for measuring and bending loft and lie angles on all irons, face angle/lie angle on metal woods and face angle/lie angle on hybrids. It doubles as a specification gauge that accurately measures with its patented measuring gauges. No other machine compares to the secure clamping and bending capability. This machine outperforms all other machines. STEELCLUB® Technology is the “Industry Standard” worldwide.

"Every golfer is unique and it does not matter how far you hit your clubs in comparison with how far other golfers hit their clubs, but it is very important to know how far you hit each of your clubs in comparison with your other clubs"

As we calibrate your lofts, we will also check and tune the lie of your clubs.  The lie of the club is another key component that affects your ball striking and aim.  To keep it very simple, if your club is too "flat" you will likely hit the ball to the right (as well as possibly digging the toe into the ground).  If your club is to "upright" you are likely to hit the ball to the left (as well as possibly digging the heal into the ground).  It is important to have the proper lie for each club in your bag.  And, YES, that includes your putter!

If your loft and lies aren't correct, you will make adjustments to your swing that can lead to all types of problems.  The idea is to have fun while playing golf, and the best way to do that is to make sure your clubs are set up properly.

We recommend at least one session per year using a ball flight monitor.  Depending on how often you play, you need to have your loft and lies checked periodically.  If you want to stay healthy, you get your annual checkup with a physician and if you want your car to run well you change the oil and rotate the tires.  If you want to play golf to the best of your ability,  we encourage you to call and set up a time to check your clubs specs.

*Please check out our blog, as we will continue to discuss club specs, including swing weight and shaft frequency matching.

Why Choose Swing By Design?

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