Custom Club Building

Custom Club Building
As we mention often when discussing golf, most people play golf "off the rack".  In the past, if you wanted to get golf clubs fitted for you, you had to look long and hard to find a club maker with a great eye toward fitting.  With advances in technology, club fitting and custom club building has begun to creep into the consciousness of the weekend golfer.  Now the larger chain stores are offering club fittings and swing analysis.

But, one thing hasn't changed, the best way to get fit for clubs is in an environment that stresses your personal needs as a golfer.  It is hard to get that personal attention standing in line at a store.

This is where Swing By Design sets itself apart.  We will work with you to get the most information possible to build you a set of golf clubs that will help you play to the best of your abilities so you can enjoy the game of golf!

We can spend a lot of time explaining equipment and science, but at the end of it all, we feel the most important aspect to Custom Club Building is PERSONAL INTERACTION.

Please take the time to view check out our pages on Retrofitting Current Clubs, Putter Performance Fitting and Performance Swing and Ball Flight Analysis.  To learn more about the Custom Clubs we can build for you, please check out our Products page.

You don't have to break the bank to have Custom made golf clubs.  If your child is wanting to learn the game of golf, it is more cost effective to start with a custom set of golf clubs that can be adjusted for them as they grow in stature and as golfers.

At Swing By Design, we want you to have a set up golf clubs that work for your game in a manner that allows you to understand your game so you can enjoy the game of golf!

*Please check out our blog, as we will continue to discuss club specs, including swing weight and shaft frequency matching.

Why Choose Swing By Design?

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