Custom Golf Grips


One of the most important parts of your golf game is your grip.  It is very important to have a relaxed grip in order to maintain good club head speed and a proper release in your swing.  It is difficult to maintain a relaxed grip with improperly fitted or worn grips.  At Swing By Design we have access to almost any grip on the market.

Here is a list of grip manufacturers we have available for our clients.

  • Golf Pride
  • Winn
  • Lamkin
  • Ping
  • Black Widow
  • JumboMax
  • Neverbend
  • PREMioPro-T
  • Sharpro
  • Star Grips
  • Superstroke
  • Tacki-Mac
  • TigerShark

We can also get a variety of specialty grips.  If you don't see the grips you want listed here, contact us and we will do our best to locate them.

When you have your grips installed by Swing By Design, we will make sure you get the proper feel and fit.  We measure each of your grips to make sure they fall within .005" tolerance in diameter so you have a consistent feel throughout your set of golf clubs.

Why Choose Swing By Design?

If you want to knock a few strokes off each round, call 804.322.9118 or Request an Appointment.

Swing By Design is a recognized Master Club Performance Specialist and a Member of the Mitchell Golf Partners Program

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