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If you play a par 72 golf course, 36 of your allotted shots for par are putts! 

Statistics say that approximately 43% of a golfers strokes are putts.

So, most golfers go to a store, putt with several putters on a carpet that has been walked over by hundreds of other people doing the same thing.  Then, these same golfers spend anywhere up to two or even three hundred dollars to buy a putter.  Golfers will spend this money to buy a stock putter head on a stock shaft with a stock grip. 

You are investing in a club that you will use for somewhere between 43 to 50% of you total score. 


At Swing By Design, we carry Mitchell Golf CNC Milled putters.  We will work with you to make sure you are properly fitted for YOUR putter.  We will have you try putters until we find the one that best suits your stroke.  We will custom build your putter with a shaft you like and a putter grip that fits your grip and style.

With a your deposit, we will even let you test a putter on a round of golf to make sure we have it right!

Currently we stock Mitchell Putters, but we are working to expand our line of putters.  You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices.  Don't spend $100, $200 or $300 for a putter that doesn't fit your game, call us at 804-322-9118.

Here is a sample of our inventory.

Mitchell CS Blade Putter
"83rd U. S. Amateur Public Links Champion Wins With Hot Mitchell Putter"

CS Blade model is center-shafted and face-balanced. Head is symmetrical in shape for perfect balance with Nickel Chrome finish. Head weights are machined to match finished lengths to give ideal swing weight. Golf Pride tour velvet grip with Mitchell® logo.

Tour Quality Features:

Loft 3.5 Degrees / Standard Lie 71 Degrees, Right- & Left-Hand Available, Embroidered Mitchell® Logo Putter Cover Included

Mitchell OS Blade Putter

OS Blade model is an offset hosel design with Nickel Chrome finish. The head and hosel are milled complete from a solid block of steel and not welded. This produces the best feel and balance.

Head weights are machined to match finished lengths to give ideal swing weight. Red Golf Pride grip matches paint on putter head.

Tour Quality Features:

Right-Hand Only
Loft 3.5 Degrees / Standard Lie 71 Degrees, Embroidered Mitchell® Logo Putter Cover Included

Please call us, as we adding more putters.

Why Choose Swing By Design?

If you want to knock a few strokes off each round, call 804.322.9118 or Request an Appointment.

Swing By Design is a recognized Master Club Performance Specialist and a Member of the Mitchell Golf Partners Program

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