As a Mitchell Golf Tour Van Repair Shop, Swing By Design has a full complement of some of the best golf club repair and building equipment in the industry.

Loft and Lie Angles:  Whether its and iron, hybrid, metalwood or your putter, it is very important to check the loft and lies angles regularly to help maintain consistency in your golf game.  At Swing By Design we use the same equipment found on the professional Tour Vans where PGA pros get their equipment checked and adjusted.
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"Every golfer is unique and it does not matter how far you hit your clubs in comparison with how far other golfers hit their clubs, but it is very important to know how far you hit each of your clubs in comparison with your other clubs"

"Having the correct putter loft and lie is often overlooked, yet it is one of the most critical aspects of any golfers game."

Grip Gauge.jpgGrips:   The importance of grips is another "little detail" that can make a big difference in your golf game.  At Swing By Design, we have the best tools to help you choose the best grip for you and to make sure it fits your hands size and swing type (Fig. 1) to allow you to maximize your swing.  We have a Mitchell Golf Grip Station featuring a Pro Tour Grip Vise.  Let us give you personal service buy discussing your ball flight, getting the proper hand measurements, choosing the grip style you prefer and allowing you to choose how you want your grip positioned!

"Often, all it takes to make your set of golf clubs feel new again is a new set of grips."

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Frequency Matching:  Do you have one club in your bag that just "feels right"?  Most likely, that club has a shaft that fits your game better than then the rest of the shafts in your bag.  That is where frequency matching plays an important role.  At Swing By Design, we have a DIGIFLEX TM Frequency Bench that allows us to accurately gauge the CPMs (Cycles Per Minute) of all your clubs. 

"It is more fun to play golf if your clubs feel good"

Swing Weight Scale 1.jpgSwing Weight:  Swing weight plays an important role in how your golf clubs "feel" when you swing them.  We have the TourGAUGE Swing Weight Scale which is the  Industry’s only CNC milled swing weight scale.
TourGAUGE Swing Weight Scale.jpg





General Shop:  Swing By Design has the latest in Shaft Pulling devices, professional grade epoxies (we ONLY use PROFESSIONAL grade epoxies specifically designed for golf), digital scales and all of the other tools of a Tour Van Repair Shop. 

"Our goal at Swing By Design is to give every client professional and personal service they can trust."


Performance Swing and Ball Flight Analysis

Zelcocity_PureLaunchPro.jpgLaunch Monitor Swing and Ball Flight Analysis:  At Swing By Design, we utilize the Zelocity PureLaunchTM Pro to analyze your Launch Angle, Total & Side Spin, Carry & Total Distance, Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Power Transfer Ratio, Shot Deviation, Angle of Approach, Angle of Descent, Club Face Angle, Tempo, Azimuth, Swing path, Dynamic Loft and Shot Type. 


MotionView_Video_Analysis_screenshot_sideview.jpgVideo Analysis:  Video analysis software for golf helps us Swing By Design deliver to you advanced golf swing analysis technology.  We are able to analyze your golf swing with up to 8 split screen video players.  We also have the ability to do single frame software stepping, video overlay and video strobing.  

Essentially, this will allow you to see YOUR SWING on screen! 

MotionView_Video_Analysis_screenshot_backview.jpg                  MotionView_Video_Analysis_screenshot_backsplitscreen.jpg


Tomi Putting Screen Shot.jpegPerformance Putting Analysis Equipment and Software:  There are 8 key elements to a solid repeatable putting stroke.  At Swing By Design, we utilize the TOMI® Putting Analysis System to perform a comprehensive putting stroke analysis. 


The 8 key elements are:TOMI photo 1.jpg


Why Choose Swing By Design?

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