Putter Performance Fitting

We all want to improve our scoring average per round.  One of the quickest ways to accomplish that goal is by improved putting.  Approximately 43% of an Amateur golfer’s strokes are putts.  We can help you improve your putting and shave strokes off your scorecard.

There are two important aspects to anyone’s putting game. 

Properly Fitted Putter  

Putting requires feel and a level of comfort that gives you confidence.  Therefore, it is important to have a putter that looks and feels good to YOU.  We will help you find the correct putter length for you.  A correct putter length will allow you to consistently attain proper eye alignment with your ball as you are putting.  We will also help you identify the proper grip size to help you maintain a relaxed grip and a solid putting motion.  The final and very key part of a properly fitted putter is the putter loft and lie.  Depending on your stroke and the type of greens you play, you need your putter to have a loft that will allow you to get the ball rolling smoothly so you can accurately gauge your speed and distance. 

Solid Repeatable Putting Stroke  

There are 8 key elements to a solid repeatable putting stroke.  At Swing By Design, we utilize the TOMI® Putting Analysis System to perform a comprehensive putting stroke analysis.  The 8 key elements are:Tomi Putting Screen Shot.jpeg

A thirty minute Putting Analysis session can give you instant feedback on your putting stroke and help you shave strokes off your game immediately!  

The other great part of a Putter Analysis is that it can be done inside, so you can schedule your appointment now and have your putting game at its best when spring arrives.

Why Choose Swing By Design?

If you want to knock a few strokes off each round, call 804.322.9118 or Request an Appointment.

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