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Swing By Design offers golf lessons by PGTAA Master Instructor, Gratton Stephens.  We believe that every golfer has their own golf game and golf related goals and it is our job to help each individual golf student progress toward their goals by developing their game.

There are Six Key Elements to learning the game of golf.

At Swing By Design, we want to learn about your goals and then help you create and execute a plan to attain those goals.  There are two important goals in a good golf lesson, help you become a better golfer and to help you enjoy the wonderful game of golf!

We work with all levels of golfers including:

  • Beginners
  • Juniors
  • Couples
  • All Handicap Level Golfers


Lesson Plans

Private Lessons

Single Lesson Rates

30 Minutes                        $45
55 Minutes                        $65

Multiple Lesson Rates
(All Lessons are 55 Minutes)

  3 Lessons                        $180
  5 Lessons                        $285
10 Lessons                        $520
15 Lessons                        $750

Semi Private Lessons

Single Lesson Rates

30 Minutes   2 People       $67
55 Minutes   2 People       $97

Multiple Lesson Rates
(All Lessons are 55 Minutes)

  3 Lessons            2 People          $270
  5 Lessons            2 People          $428
10 Lessons            2 People          $780

Video Lessons

MotionView_Video_Analysis_screenshot_backview.jpgFor all First Lessons, there will be a free Video Analysis available.  For additional Video Lessons add $15 to each Private Lesson and $25 to each Semi Private Lesson.


Playing Lessons

Please call and ask for playing lesson rates.


Ball Flight Analysis

Zelocity-Pure-Launch.jpgLaunch Monitor Swing and Ball Flight Analysis:  At Swing By Design, we utilize the Zelocity PureLaunchTM Pro to analyze your Launch Angle, Total & Side Spin, Carry & Total Distance, Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Power Transfer Ratio, Shot Deviation, Angle of Approach, Angle of Descent, Club Face Angle, Tempo, Azimuth, Swing path, Dynamic Loft and Shot Type. 

With a Ball Flight Analysis you will receive an email or print out of your personal analysis.  This is crucial in helping you understand how far you hit each of your clubs.

On Range Analysis 60 Minutes  (13 club analysis)    $100
Each Additional 30 Minutes                                          $40


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Swing By Design is a recognized Master Club Performance Specialist and a Member of the Mitchell Golf Partners Program

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